This is the 3rd and final run of the Tahoe Dirt & Vert Series that also has over 5000′ of climbing with the start/finish located in downtown Carson City, NV.

The beginning of this run starts off with a couple miles of pavement before turning into a very steep forest service dirt road at the water tanks above town. While climbing and breathing very heavily, you’ll be treated to some spectacular views of the valley east of Lake Tahoe. After about 6.5 miles, the road finally starts to level off and comes to an intersection where runners will turn left, climb some more and then pass through a gate and enter onto Spooner Lake State Park land. From here it is approximately 3.5 miles through an alpine forest before the final steep climb above treeline to Snow Valley Peak at 9218′. Runners then return the same route down quad busting hills to the finish. Not much technical on this route, just some steep WTF hill climbing!