Runner Check in – This is mandatory for all runners of this event! For safety purposes all runners must check in race morning and confirm bib# and distance. This allows us to accurately track who is out on the course. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification. Check in times for the 25 miler is from 5:00AM-5:45AM with a 6AM start, and the 8 miler from 5:00AM-6:45AM with a 7:00AM start.

Bib Numbers
– Numbers must be visible at all times. Runners are required to check in at each aid station.  It is the responsibility of the runner to make sure each aid station has recorded their bib number.

Parking – Due to the size of the town and limited available parking, there is no parking allowed on town streets. Event parking will be located at Antiques Plus just 1.5 blocks south of Trimmer Outpost immediately after the post office. Violators will be towed at the owners expense and risk expulsion from future participation in this event. No Parking allowed at Mormon Station State Park.

  • Antiques Plus – parking is available at Antiques Plus south of house. No parking in the driveway. This location is approximately 0.2 miles from the event start/finish.

Tentative cut-off times – May change due to weather and/or trail conditions

  • 25 MILE START TIME 6:00am
    • Cut-offs:
      Genoa Peak A/S 2nd pass: 5 hr clock time or 11:00am
      Junction A/S 2nd pass: 7 hr clock time or 1:00pm
      Finish: 9 hr clock time or 3:00pm
  • 8 MILE START TIME 7:00am
    • Cut-offs:
      Finish line: 3 hr clock time or 10am

Water – There will be 2 aid stations out on the course. The 25 miler will hit both aid stations twice. The 8 miler will hit the Junction aid station only before the finish. Remember that all aid stations are WATER ONLY, no sports drinks provided. Therefore, it is highly recommended that every runner have a thorough understanding of the course profile and aid station locations as to avert any preventable emergency situations from occurring. All runners must carry at least one water bottle filled with fluid. There are a number of reasons for this requirement including and not limited to: the remoteness of the aid stations, the distance between them, the average temperatures for the month of June, amount of elevation gain, and the lack of motor vehicle access. These concerns should not be taken lightly. Again, proper preparation is critical to a successful and enjoyable experience.

Weather – Summer average temperatures from June through August can range from the mid 90s during the midday to the mid 40s and 50s at night. A typical June day starts crisp and cool with sunshine and ends with the possibility of an afternoon thunder shower. Weather in the High Sierra is notorious for its rapid and sometimes violent changes. During the event it could rain, hail and/or even snow! Lightning is hazardous, especially above timberline as you approach the summit of Genoa Peak. Hypothermia can occur easily with a combination of decreasing temperature, wind and precipitation. The confusion that occurs with hypothermia can be deadly. We strongly recommend that you bring a hooded wind-breaking jacket and rain gear.

Dropping from the race – First off, and most important, you must notify the aid station captain that you are dropping from the event. At that point your bib number will be removed, indicating you’ve dropped. If you drop at the Genoa Peak Aid Station you may have to wait up to several hours before transportation back to the start/finish may be available. So, before you make your final decision; find a chair, get some fluids and food into you, then rest a while to see if you can recover. Many runners in this situation have found this to help them collect themselves and are able to finish. If altitude sickness is suspected to be the cause of your malady, typically getting to lower elevations can alleviate some of your complaints. On the other end of the spectrum, if either the aid station captain or medical staff makes the decision that you are not in condition to continue they have the authority to pull you from the event FINAL WORD! If you drop at any of the other backcountry aid stations on the course there is no available transportation to remove you. You must hike out under your own power. The aid station captain will direct you to the quickest and safest way out. Once there, transportation can be used to bring you back to Genoa. If you are unable to physically remove yourself from the course for any reason, or there is a medical emergency, a helicopter with a cable is the only obtainable means of extracting you.

Spectators – Trail running is inherently not a spectator friendly sport and unfortunately this course is no exception. Due to the narrowness and steep drop offs associated with this trail system, it is not recommended that spectators go out on the course! At the request of the town of Genoa, spectators are also asked to refrain from congregating at the Genoa Canyon and Sierra Canyon trail heads out of respect for the local homeowners. These trail heads are also located on private driveways. We appreciate your observance of this request. There are plans to have a live webcast so spectators and fans can follow their runner(s) online and greet them at the finish line.

Awards – All finishers will receive an award. Additional awards will also be presented to the top 3 male and female runners in the 25M & 8M as well as age division winners in both events. Age categories are:

​25 Miler: M & F 13-15, 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+
8 Miler: M & F ,<13, 13-15, 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+

The start/finish at Trimmer Outpost – Trimmer Outpost is a local business that has a unique gift shop featuring “Made In Nevada” and in the West products. Many local artisans, farmers and ranchers produce unique gifts, gourmet foods, seasonal fruits, vegetables and all-natural meat they stock for sale. They sell their own Ranch One grass-fed, all-natural beef as well. Behind the shop they have a restored late 1800s barn, a large yard and small arena to accommodate barbecues, parties, group luncheon meetings, special events and weddings. We sincerely appreciate you doing your part to keep this historical landmark clean and to obey all rules in order not to jeopardize the use of this area for future events. Thank you!