Requests for cancellation and refund must be submitted by no later than 4 weeks prior to the run. The refund amount will be the original registration fee, minus a $20 administrative fee. Please note that carry-over registration will not be available, except in the case of an active military deployment or death in the family. Refunds will not be issued for carry over registrations. In general, refunds will not be issued less than 4 weeks prior to the event. Very limited exceptions, such as verified sudden family emergencies, bereavements and military activation will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Race Director.

RACE REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE AND MAY NOT BE SOLD OR BARTERED IN ANY WAY. Runners may be required to provide valid I.D. at registration check-in.


Kevin Bigley, Race Director

Include name, current mailing address and event distance. Requests submitted with incomplete information will not be considered.

Refunds will be issued in form of a check


Runners registered for the Carson Canyons may upgrade or down grade their event distance under the following conditions:

All upgrades/downgrades must be submitted to the Race Director no later than 1 week prior to the event. Any other exceptions will be at the sole discretion of the Race Director.

Runners may request an upgrade to a longer distance prior to the start of the run. Upgrades will not be considered complete until the difference in registration fees is received by race management officials.

Additional fees should be mailed to:

Kevin Bigley
Ascent Runs
P.O. Box 2061
Carson City, NV 89702

Runners upgrading from a shorter to longer distance event will be required to submit the payment difference before race start.

Runners may request a downgrade in distance but no refund of funds will be issued.